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Industrial Equipment – Pallet Jack

What makes this material handling equipment so popular

The only manually operated equipment that is capable of handling pallets is the pallet jack also known as pallet truck. You will hardly find any warehouse that does not have at least one piece of it.

This basic material handling equipment is also seen at places like the airport and docks. Loaded pallets resting on the ground have to be slightly lifted and then pushed to be moved from one place to another. Pallet jacks move on wheels and are capable of lifting loaded pallets and also moving it. Lifting of load is achieved by using a small hydraulic unit that generates the power necessary to keep the pallet elevated till the time it has been moved.

The equipment is cheap and highly efficient that contributes to its wide scale use in all areas of material handling.

Using the power of oil

The manual pallet truck is fitted with a small hydraulic unit that makes the equipment all powerful to handle heavy loads. The hydraulic unit if filled with hydraulic oil that is pumped manually to raise the pallet up to a certain height above the ground.

Once the round clearance is ensured, the operator can push the truck in the direction where it has to be moved. The handle of the truck is used as lever to perform the pumping action.

After the pallet has been moved, the jack is pulled back after the forks of the jack are lowered. By pressing a release valve the hydraulic pressure is released that results in lowering the forks.

Electrical pallet jacks

In order to increase efficiencies and capacities of handling loads, electrical pallet jacks are also used. The construction and functionalities of the powered jacks are similar to manual pallet jacks but the difference is in the driving mechanism.

Human power that is required in manoeuvring manual pallet trucks is replaced by electrical power that is derived from batteries. These trucks can handle much heavier loads and the operator has to only press some switches to make the equipment work.

Reasons for popularity

Convenience and ease in handling materials has been the reason for popularity of pallet jacks. Economical operations that are also very efficient and enhance productivity are the other causes for using the equipment.

Since the equipment is small in size (the longest fork length is 8 feet) and has a very small turning angle, it can be operated in small spaces that has also been a reason for choosing it. Considering the heavy loads that the small equipment can handle it is considered to be a powerhouse in material handling.

Safe equipment

Pallet jacks are quite safe in handling materials. Although safety is built into the design and construction of the equipment, users have to be careful in not to cross the threshold levels of safety.

Every equipment is designed for some maximum load that should never be exceeded. Movement of loaded equipments has to be slow and heavy loads should never be pulled.

Regular maintenance and proper upkeep of pallet jacks ensure its safety. You can find a lot of information about Electric Pallet Jack Online.