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Your Psychologist Should Help You Take Your Own Decisions

The job of a psychologist is not just to tell you the best way to face your fears, confusions, sort things, make yourself understandable as well as perceive things better, but also to make sure, that you never start depending on the therapist. It’s a very common inclination of the patients or people going through psychotherapy, that they start depending on their psychologist Adelaide, and make this a habit of their life.

Inclination to take decisions based on the ideas or approval of the psychologist

Dependency on a therapist is not healthy and thus must be avoided from both ends. It should always be like a doctor and patient relationship, or a professional one. A patent would not continue to go to the doctor after getting cured. Similarly, the person should not be seeing the therapist after getting solution to his problems. For these reasons, the psychologist Adelaide helps build that confidence of taking decisions, and the freshness to face the world in their clients.

Eventually, they may tend to share everything, discuss everything, and gradually decide everything after consulting the therapist. While sharing and discussing are good, deciding is not. Decisions should always be your own, and should not be influenced, and especially when you are under counselling or had been into counselling years back, then, it’s always healthy to develop a point of view and standpoint of your own to decide things. In fact, that is the thing, which a good psychologist Adelaide would like to instil in you.

If you personally feel that your therapist is encouraging you to take his help for decisions you need to take, then you may quit seeing the therapist and find a good psychologist in Adelaide. This will help you build your own stature in your eyes in future, and relieve you from any bias.