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Various Types of Rooftop Solar Panel Systems and Cost Involved

The cost of any rooftop solar panel system may depend largely on its purpose as to support during power failure or to feed power into the grid. While considering solar, there are a lot of incentives and subsidies too available, which lighten the cost part.

While planning to install solar, it should also be noted that all types of PV systems should match to the voltage from any other sources and therefore such a system needed to be integrated with the grid, battery, or a generator.

Solar Panels

Different types of rooftop PV systems

There are three major rooftop solar PV systems in common use as;

  • Grid-tied – These types of rooftop solar systems are basically designed to upload the power to a grid to assist with the load. Such systems may not generate power during the time of power failure as the inverter will block the system from sending power into the grid to avoid electrocuting the utility personnel who do any repairing on the grid.
  • Grid-interactive – These types of systems work in conjunction with battery backup or diesel generator to support during power failure.
  • Off-grid system – It doesn’t work with the grid and it only gets connected to a battery backup for off-grid application

The differences between these systems are based on the inverter and batteries used. Various vendors use various terminology to denote such systems, so the buyers need to identify the exact function to find one fitting to your needs.

Cost of rooftop solar

While considering the cost of solar panels in Gawler, the manufacturers and in turn buyers are getting highly benefited through Accelerated Depreciation (AD), which is a tax deduction of up to 80% on rooftop solar PV systems. This can offer significant benefits to the solar plant owners to gain sufficient profit against which the depreciation can be charged. Adding to this, it is also a reassuring fact that the project cost for rooftop solar installation may reduce in future as the price of PV modules is witnessing a substantial decrease over the recent years.

Even though there is a decrease in PV modules price, this sums to only half of the cost of the project. It should be noted that the price of the other components has not decreased in line with the PV module price decline. So, we cannot expect a huge reduction in the total project cost. The price of solar systems offered by different vendors may also vary. There are several reasons for this variation in price as;

  • Tiers – The products by Tier I manufacturers will be more expensive than Tier II and III as the performance and reliability are higher.
  • Meeting standards and certifications – Products that meet the set quality standards can be more expensive; however, these will only get qualified for subsidies.
  • Warranty – The final price of the solar PV systems can largely depend on the warranties offered by providers. The standard warranty for PV panels is basically a 5-year manufacturer warranty. The allied systems like inverters, cables, mounting structures, junction boxes, etc. come with 1-year standard manufacturer warranty.